Worth Your Life?

I woke up to a message, this morning, from a fellow artisan letting me know that I could be doing a lot better in explaining safety to you guys. She included a link to what I’m assuming is her site, so I can check out her work see what she has to say on this subject. I’m not going to do that, because I’m too busy today; but before I head out to pick up my new truck, I am going to take her up on her suggestion and tell you, once again, that Mr. Super Clear is toxic.

Natch, you were spraying it into your eyeballs. When I explained, here, that MSC can kill you I should’ve also explained that that was bad. Sorry! Now I’ve got egg on my face and yours is even crustier from all those carcinogens. So, just to be clear, MSC goes on your work and only on your work. However! Before you go, you know, using any Tamiya (or even Vallejo!) products as mascara I need you to understand that anything coming out of a spray can is toxic. Even if the actual paint isn’t, the propellant is.

I’m no respiratory therapist, I’m a (retired) antiterrorism expert but one thing common to every field or, at least, survival in every field is common sense. My grandpa was a machinist; he was around VOC’s, and lecturing me on the dangers of VOC’s, before we even really knew what they were. And the rest of my family? Miners. Mining being that profession where they pay you what they know you consider a good wage, but isn’t nearly enough to compensate you for the fact that you’ll be dead of black lung at forty.

VOC’s contain acetone, xylene, benzene, and toluene. Observant readers might recognize these as being, not only carcinogens but also embalming agents. They sure do make things stick! The paint itself, though, probably also contains at least one of the following: cadmium, chromium, or lead. Rachel Carson wrote a book called Silent Spring, about how these ingredients–in spray paint, sure, but more commonly in non-organic farming–are going to kill us.

So seriously. You only get the one set of organs, and replacing them is a complete pain in the ass. Respect yourself, and your health, by taking the appropriate safety precautions: with MSC, of course…and with everything else, too. Even, get this, if you aren’t working on a dollhouse. My new friend also informed me that “everyone” in the face-up world used MSC (they don’t), but safety is really safety–don’t you think? I do things the same whether I’m working on a dollhouse or working on a Bandai model as any actually useful safety precautions are about protecting the person regardless of what they’re doing. So, if what you’re doing only works on dollhouses…stop that?

Anyway, I’m off to the races. I hope. If that damn truck isn’t ready, then I guess I’ll have to camp out at the dealership. I’m just having a little fun, of course; you’re gonna get pulled into the party around here, if you stop by. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with getting a few reminders. This has all been in good fun, but safety is serious.

Stay righteous, everyone!